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Lorin w.

Just a note to say thanks for the exceptional service! The communication was great. You tracked down a short in a wire that solved a problem that two other shops could not find. This saved me hundreds of dollars. Several other pesky problems with my truck were also solved. I highly recommend you guys! All the best……Lorin Wilson

Phebie D.

Great service. Friendly and honest people. They know what true customer service is. I actually enjoy taking my car in.

Brent C.

Dropped off my 1994 4Runner with list of repairs to be done & requested an inspection and list of other suggested repairs.

Another safety issue was found & one of the things I thought needed fixed wasn’t needed.

We visited about price range & Keigan was able to help me prioritize repairs and set me up with those within my budget. The bill actually came in under the quote and follow up texts kept me informed of the progress being made.

Brent C.

We just got our car back and everything is wonderful. They provided quick, affordable, friendly service. Kept me up to date on everything that was going on and explained to me why each thing was important but in the end let me choose what they fixed.

They didn’t just hand me a bill and say this is what we did. I will take my car here and no where else! Thank you guys so much!​

Taz B.

Great caring, knowledgeable staff and reasonable prices.

Amy C.

Great guys to work with and explain everything

william j.

The owner and staff here are just good people. They do good work, are honest and helpful.

Savannah L.

I love these guys… Only ever trusted my dad but now with him gone i feel that these guys really have me covered

Craig F.

Would like to thank countryside auto care for the kind and courteous service they have given us for so many years. They always make every effort possible to get my vehicle in and out, always giving us the best deals around, and professional service. You can always get an honest answer to your questions. I would highly recommend anyone to check them out, you will be glad you did. Thanks so much again, Craig