Our services start at the front counter. We want to provide amazing communication & honesty at the beginning. Here at the front counter we don’t only want you to have the best experience you’ve had at any shop, but we also want you to receive the best customer service – period.

After the amazing customer service received right when you walk in the door, we get your vehicle checked in quickly, after which we will give you a ride to where you need to go while we work on your car. While your vehicle is being worked on we give you updates as we can & let you know what shape the vehicle is in over all with a quoted price so that you can make an educated decision on what you’d like us to do to serve you.

When your vehicle is finished & ready to pick up, our service advisor will give you a call notifying you of your vehicle status. We then can give you a ride to pick up your vehicle, if needed. After you arrive back here, we get you closed out & set up a follow up appointment so we can recheck everything found on the previous inspection to make sure you’re safe!


With every vehicle that comes in, every time it comes in we offer a complimentary, comprehensive multi-point inspection for your safety. Our mechanics have a full page check list of all that is to be checked in the inspection process.

For those looking to buy a used vehicle we have our low cost pre-purchase inspection that is far more detailed to ensure our customers are going to get the best value in a vehicle. Our techs search the suspension, steering, under the hood, under the vehicle, and much more so that customers can make the best decision for them.


Having your maintenance done isn’t only the best way to get the most out of your vehicle, it is also a great way to save money. From our experience, not only as professionals but also as vehicle owners, your vehicle will need less major repair when maintained. We encourage all of our customers to maintain their vehicles because it means our customers are safe wherever they are. If you have any questions on scheduled maintenance please call in, we have access to manufacturer specifications as well as a list of recommendations we have because we have been around the block a couple times.



Even with maintenance our cars wear down as we drive them, and the vehicle needs repaired. We look for the best quality parts for your dollar to not only make your vehicle dependable but affordable to fix. We always double check what needs repaired before repairing to ensure you are getting what you need.

oil changes

If you’re worried about how your car is being treated at a quick lube, or if you are looking for a more complete service, you should give us a try. Our lube bay is supervised by experienced technicians rather than grease monkeys. When we perform an oil change, we give the vehicle a more complete check over. We also use high quality Castrol brand oil products.


We are constantly purchasing and updating our equipment to diagnose your vehicle properly. Diagnosing isn’t just reading codes on a vehicle, it is researching TSB’s and recalls, it is testing wires or cylinder compression, its checking fuel pressure. We look at everything we can that deals with that area of diagnostic so that your problem gets fixed and not prolonged.

This is the area of mechanics where knowledge, experience, and skill all come together. So when we diagnose your vehicle we get down to the problem and we find the best way to solve it for you because nothing is scarier while driving than that noise that doesn’t go away, or that vibration, or when your car quits at a stop sign. So over all we want to make that less stressful by getting down to the real problem and fixing it.

Custom Exhaust

Whether it’s a restoration, a sweet Subaru, or a brand new truck, Custom Exhaust adds a whole new level to the look, feel, and of course, sound of your favorite vehicle. We’ve done it all, from replacing your muffler with a high performance muffler to a full dual exhaust. Rodney has more than 25 years experience shaping, welding, and installing custom pipes, stacks, tips, and mufflers.


Experience can do things in the alignment world that no amount of equipment can do. Rodney has been doing alignments for nearly 30 years, and with that comes an innate knowledge of what needs done to keep your tires lasting as long as possible. Our alignments are an indispensable part of our business, and our unique test drive procedure ensures that you are getting the smoothest ride you can.


We offer towing to our shop not only here in Blackfoot but also from Idaho Falls, Pocatello, & even Rexburg.


If you are looking for a truly local tire shop, this is the place. We are currently the only Blackfoot-owned tire shop in the area. While truly local, we can set you up with name brand, high quality tires such as Cooper, Falken, BF Goodrich, and others, as well as a wide variety of economy and mid-line tires. We offer free tire rotation and balance, along with a Nationwide Road Hazard warranty with other local service facilities all across the country.



Let us know how we can help!