Family Owned & Operated

We started out with nothing but a pickup, a tire machine, & a dream. Our founder Gary Love, his wife LaRee, and his 16 year old son, Rodney, began by selling tires & batteries out of a rented grain silo and installing them on the back of their 1970’s Dodge flatbed truck. From the beginning, Gary & Rodney had a vision of building a family & community oriented tire shop with values of integrity & customer service.

Within a couple years, they established themselves at our present location, and we began to expand our services. We began replacing belts and brakes, performing oil changes, and performing 4 wheel alignments. Eventually, Countryside tire & battery gave way to Countryside Auto Care, and our vision expanded to become a family & community oriented Auto Repair shop, rather than just a tire shop.

Countryside Auto Care meant a lot to Gary, and even as his health started deteriorating in the late 2000’s, he continued to come in and visit with customers and help where he could. In 2014, he and LaRee sold the business to Rodney, and shortly thereafter Gary passed away. The business continues to be family owned to this day.

Today, our mission hasn’t changed, but we have grown to be a full service Auto Repair and Car Maintenance shop. Our values of family, community, integrity, and customer service haven’t changed, but we are more equipped and more skilled to take care of your Auto Repair, Oil Change, and Tire needs than ever before. From engines and transmissions to oil changes and tires, make us the one stop for your car.


Gary Love


Rodney & Terri​ Love

Rodney & Terri Love have been the co-owners of Countryside Auto Care since 2014. Their journey is really the story of the company, from Rodney starting the business at sixteen with Gary, to graduating with a degree in business, to getting married in 1994, to raising their six children in & around the auto repair shop. Rodney has taken extensive classes in Wheel Alignments, Tires, & Advanced Electrical Diagnostics on cars & trucks. They spend most of their time helping the rest of our team here at Countryside Auto Care or out in the community, promoting their other businesses & serving. When they aren’t busy, they are usually at home spending time with their kids or grandkids, camping, mining sapphires in Montana, or reading a good book.

Jaron Love

Jaron was also raised in the Mechanic Shop, starting from the very bottom sweeping floors for his dad and grandpa. In 2013, he left the company as a missionary for his church and to pursue other jobs, but came back in 2016 as a Service Advisor, and is now our General Manager, keeping track of the books and making sure that we put the customer first. He is currently in the middle of a 4 year course specifically to learn Auto Repair shop management and ownership, through the Automotive Training Institute. He and his wife, DeNay, have two children, and he spends most of his spare time with them, gardening, hiking, reading, and playing piano.

Matt Rust

Matt’s history in auto repair has been mostly a hobby. From his 79 Plymouth Roadster that he drove in high school to his Suzuki Samurai and Dodge Pickup he drives today. He has a wife and a son, and he loves 4 wheeling, fly fishing, and riding his motorcycle.

All About Community & Family

Feel free to give us a call or send a message when you think that you might need to have your vehicle inspected. We’ll schedule an appointment time that is most convenient for you & perform a thorough inspection each time you bring your vehicle to us for service. This allows us to catch any issues while they are small & manageable rather than letting them become bigger problems “down the road.”​


If you have questions about how to best maintain or repair your vehicle: ​come into our shop, give us a ring, or conveniently schedule an appointment online! We look forward to helping you with all your automotive related needs.